Study Skills

Study Skills

Dear Middle School Students,

The following is a short list of suggestions to ensure success in your classes at E.C.D.S.

  • Pay attention in class. Listen to information and participate in discussions.
  • Take good notes that will make sense to you, after classes.
  • Keep an organized binder/folder and notebook for each of your subjects.
  • Know and understand the purpose of each assignment.
  • Ask questions in class; all questions are important.
  • Review frequently for tests, it will help you to retain the information.
  • Plan a definite time and place to study every day.
  • Study for thirty minutes at a time, then, take short breaks in between.
  • Cramming for hours on the night before a test, only leads to stress.  Even if you achieve a high score on the test after cramming, you will not retain the information.  Therefore, prepare in advance of a test by studying each day, because the information is important for your education.
  • Think positive!  Have confidence!  Always put forth your best effort!

If you need help with homework or in preparation for a test, please do not hesitate to ask me for help.


Miss Susan ❤