My Mission Statement

My Language Arts Program is designed to stimulate a passion for good literature; to expose one’s soul to the art of poetry; to experience the pleasure of great drama; to open one’s mind to endless new ideas; to create a forum for exciting and enlightening debates and discussions; to encourage a desire to write extremely well and research thoroughly, to expand one’s vocabulary; to enrich and nurture one’s mind; and to evolve into a highly educated and cultured being who delights in the dance of life.

In addition to the above Mission Statement, my Language Arts class will incorporate a wide range of essential skills, which will encompass the following: a variety of genre studies; cross-cultural awareness; visual literacy; reading comprehension; reading strategies; responding to texts; summarizing texts; predictions; cause and effect; analyze informational texts; identify factual details; compare and contrast; personal expression; relating literature to personal experiences; oral recitation; presentations; research; journal writing, poetry, creative writing, resumes, letters…and much more!


Miss Susan