Homework Routine

Homework for Middle School
Language Arts/Theater Production/Dance
Miss Susan ~ Room 222
Homework will be assigned on a weekly basis, apart from summaries and literature studies, (which will be assigned occasionally on a daily basis).  Sixth Graders will have biweekly spelling and vocabulary tests, and a comprehension lesson.  Seventh and Eighth Graders will have weekly spelling and vocabulary tests and a comprehension lesson (five parts) from their Wordly Wise workbooks.  In addition to this, they will have reading assignments for English, including other written assignments throughout each month.
Due dates for homework will be as follows:
Wednesday ~ Grade 6
Thursday ~ Grade 7
Friday ~ Grade 8
Grading System
90% – 100% = A
80% – 89%   = B
70% – 79%   = C
60% – 69%   = D
50% – 59%   = F
An “F” grade or below is a “failing grade.”  Parents will be notified when a student fails a test, forgets or doesn’t do the homework, or is uncooperative in class.  Final grades for reports include: homework, tests, special projects, participation, and effort.
Homework, field trips, and any other pertinent information will be posted on this WordPress blog site for your convenience.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  My E-mail is susan.mcguirk@ecdschools.org  
Miss Susan