What Does The Study Of Drama Do For Your Child?

1. Drama exposes your child to wonderful playwrights and great literature.

2. Drama inspires and intensifies one’s imagination.

3. Drama teaches self-projection.

4. Drama instills self-esteem.

5. Drama requires and develops efficient memorization skills.

6. Drama scripts greatly increase your child’s vocabulary.

7. Drama promotes a love for the “Theater.”

8. Drama creates an awareness about directing, staging, scenery, props, costumes, etc.

9. Drama might lead to an interest in an theatrical career, college class, or hobby.

10. Drama may be instrumental in directing your child to a positive environment that will be advantageous to his/her personal development in the future.

11. Drama is a very important educational experience, because it teaches self-confidence, which enhances all forms of public speaking.

12. Most importantly, drama is great fun!


Miss Susan