Theater Production/Acting Classes!

The Benefits of Theater Production/Acting Classes!

Theater Production/Acting Classes exposes your child to wonderful playwrights and great literature.  The following list provides additional benefits of these classes:

  • Inspires and intensifies one’s imagination.
  • Teaches self-projection.
  • Instills self-esteem.
  • Requires and develops efficient memorization skills.
  • Greatly increase your child’s vocabulary.
  • Promotes a love for the “Theater”…(or “Theatre”)
  • Creates an awareness about directing, staging, scenery, props, costumes, etc.
  • May lead to an interest in an theatrical career, college class, or great pastime.
  • May be instrumental in directing your child to a positive environment that will be advantageous to his/her personal development in the future.
  • Acting classes are very important educational experiences, because they teach self-confidence, which enhances all forms of public speaking.

Most importantly, Theater Production/Acting Classes are a lot of fun!


Miss Susan<3