Classroom Rules

                                                      Classroom Rules

                                                Miss Susan / Room 222

  • Respect yourself and others.  You may not name-call, gossip, or make fun of any of your peers.
  • Respect the administrators, teachers, and staff of E.C.D.S.
  • Take care of your environment.
  • Clean up after yourself. Please do not throw trash on the floor.
  • Keep your desk clean and tidy.
  • Push in your chair before you leave the classroom.
  • Obey the rules for the use of the laptops.
  • You may not throw any item whatsoever.
  • Chewing gum is forbidden in class or anywhere on the E.C.D.S. campus.
  • You may not eat candy in class, except on special occasions, when you are given permission by your teacher.
  • Raise your hand to speak or ask a question during discussions.
  • One student speaks at a time.  You may not shout.
  • Use good manners at all times.  Rude behavior is offensive.
  • Always do your homework and meet your deadlines.
  • Be honest, honorable, and helpful.
  • Remember to be respectful, responsible, kind, and always make the right choice.
  • Have fun learning and cooperating with your peers and teachers, and your school life will be GRAND!


Miss Susan