Posted by: aoifelove | April 15, 2018

Spring Is In The Air!

Dear Eighth Grade Parents and Students,

There is still much to read, discuss, analyze, write, explore, and discover, in order for my Eighth Graders to be ready for high school, but they are doing a great job so far. 🙂

Our Eighth Graders have completed their SAT -10 tests, and found them quite “easy.”  This week, there will be make-up tests for any students who were sick or absent during the SAT-10 tests.  Please remind me, on Monday, if you need to take any portion of the SAT-10 tests.  Thank you!

This coming week in literature, my Eighth Graders will return to the adventures of Odysseus, as he returns to his home.  They will also continue to practice how to apply A.X.I.S. with respect to The Odyssey.  They will work on writing The Constitution, in their own words, too.  They will also work on their grammar and punctuation workbooks.  In addition to this, they will continue to watch The Odyssey, for literature on DVD.

This week in Drama Class, my Eighth Graders will rehearse for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

The homework for this week is as follows:

  • Study the spelling/vocabulary of Lesson 13 in Wordly Wise, for Monday, April 16.
  • Complete all the exercises in Lesson 13 of Wordly Wise, for Monday, April 16.
  • Work on writing The Constitution, at home, too.
  • Some students need to turn in their interviews for the Career Project.
  • Some students need to turn in the College Applications for the Career Project.

Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a grand week ahead.


Miss Susan 🙂