Posted by: aoifelove | April 16, 2017

Welcome Back To School!

Dear Sixth Grade Parents and Students,

Welcome back to school!  I have many happy memories of my time spent with you at Sixth Grade Camp!  THANK YOU!  I trust that you all had a wonderful Spring Break, and are well rested.  I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow! 🙂  It is now time to gear up to return to school and your academics.  There is still much to read, discuss, analyze, write, explore, and discover, before the school year ends in June.

This week, there will be make-up tests for any students who were sick or absent during the SAT-10 tests, which were given before the Spring Break.  Please remind me, on Monday, if you need to take any portion of the SAT-10 tests.  Thank you!

This coming week in literature, my Sixth Graders will start reading Tunes For Bears To Dance To by Robert Cormier.  It is a story about loss, love, new friendships, pain, and forgiveness.  They will also work on finishing their “Children’s Books.”  They will return to their in-class mythological, grammar, and punctuation workbooks, and commence a review of cursive writing.  In addition to this, I will read aloud some of the most renowned stories by Beatrix Potter, as my Sixth Graders will commence the viewing of Miss Potter, for Literature on DVD.  This movie is based on a biography of the famous children’s author, Beatrix Potter.

This week in Drama Class, my Sixth Graders will read a new script titled Arthur and the Mighty Sword.  In addition to this, they will rehearse for the May Monthly Assembly, with Mr. Rowe.

The homework for this week is as follows:

  • Work on finishing your children’s book.
  • Study the spelling/vocabulary of Lesson 12 in Wordly Wise, for Wednesday, April 26.
  • Complete all the exercises in Lesson 12 of Wordly Wise, for Wednesday, April 26.
  • Complete the CROSSWORD in Lesson 12.

The child who makes use of all that he finds around him, shapes himself for the future. ~ Maria Montessori

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a grand week ahead.


Miss Susan 🙂