Posted by: aoifelove | September 5, 2016

Welcome Back to School!

Dear Middle School Parents and Students,

Welcome back to our new school year!  My name is Susan McGuirk, but I prefer to be addressed as “Miss Susan,” by my students, parents, and colleagues, as that has been my name for the past thirty years.  I am the new Language Arts/Drama teacher in the Middle School, at Encinitas Country Day School.  I am delighted to have been embraced by such an established and reputable school.

I trust that you have had a wonderful summer, and that you are excited about returning to school.  I am eager to start working with all your children. My Language Arts class will encompass all aspects of Reading and Comprehension, Creative Writing, Informational Writing, Oratory, Drama, Communications, and the History of Art.  My students will examine complex texts and academic language in their studies with me.  Reading, Writing, and Oration will be based on the abstraction of evidence from texts, both literary and informational.

I will follow the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for ELA/Literacy, the Montessori Method of Education, and traditional methods of teaching, as my students build knowledge from content-rich fiction and nonfiction.  I will emphasize the development of good critical thinking skills and the ability to collaborate well with one’s peers, as this is essential in today’s world of technological advancements.

In addition to this, my students will be given a number of projects throughout the school year, which will enrich and broaden their minds, while elevating their intelligence to a higher plane of knowledge and understanding.  Field trips will enhance our studies when appropriate.

My weekly blog will keep you informed as to what your children are studying in my classroom with respect to academics.  It will also keep you up-to-date with homework assignments, due dates, tests, projects, class events, field trips, etc.  Please subscribe to my blog (it is free).  In doing so, you will receive it within seconds of my posting.  In order to subscribe, just insert your email address on the right hand side of my blog page.  Voilà!

My blog address is:

I trust that this school year will be a happy and productive experience in the education of your children.  I intend to educate, motivate, thrill, and inspire them to do their best, and to grow academically, personally, emotionally, and spiritually.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak with me at the Classroom Orientation on Thursday, September 15, from 3:30p.m. – 4:30p.m.  There, you will be given a hard copy of the overview of my curriculum.

I hope that we will have fun this school year, as your children and I explore the depth and wealth of the English language and its many wonderful components.

It is necessary to give children the possibility of developing according to the laws of their nature, so that they can become strong, and having become strong, can do even more than we dared to hope for them. ~ Maria Montessori


Miss Susan♥