Posted by: aoifelove | May 7, 2016

Happy Mothers’ Day!

Dear Eighth Grade Parents and Students,

THANK YOU to Cheri Bell, Carmella Escobar, Jane Morse, Laura Visco, and all my Eighth Graders for making beautiful flowers for our Graduation Night.  Great job!

HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY!  I hope that all our MOTHERS will have a WONDERFUL day of being COMPLETELY PAMPERED.  You certainly deserve the BEST!  I wish you all lots of LOVE, HAPPINESS, LAUGHTER, and SURPRISES!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the very thoughtful and delicious breakfasts and lunches that you showered on us all for Teacher Appreciation Week.  I truly appreciate all that you did for us.  It was a wonderful week!  THANK YOU!

THANK YOU to all the parents who were involved in organizing and serving at “Night at the Mission,”  especially, Jennifer Powell.  I heard that it was a LOVELY evening in the luscious gardens…great wine, great food, and great company.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to a prior commitment.

This week in literature, we will continue to read Lord of the Flies by William Golding.   In addition to this, we are winding down in finishing our classroom workbooks, as we approach the end of the school year.  My Eighth Graders have started to write their Speeches during class time, please remind them to bring their laptops to school.  Thank you!

The majority of my Eighth Graders scored A+’s/A’s on their History Test on Friday.  Great job, Eighth Graders!  Keep up the great work.  I am so proud of you!  Only two more History Tests this school year!  This week in history, we will finish reading Chapter 9, and prepare for the next test.

This week in religion, we will finish the Family Life book.


  • Payment for Disneyland ($89) was due on Friday, May 6.  Thank you!
  • The Middle School will attend The Little Mermaid, at The Star Theatre, on Tuesday, at 11:00a.m.  THANK YOU to my drivers: Cheri Bell, Mr. Pilotte, and Laura Visco!
  • Laura Visco and Cheri Bell need to know how many people, from each Eighth Grader’s family, will attend the Graduation dinner, so they can plan accordingly.  Please contact them, as soon as possible.  Thank you!

The homework for this week is as follows:

  • Speeches are due on Monday, May 9.
  • Spelling/vocabulary test of Lesson 20, on Friday.
  • SAT test on Friday.
  • Complete all the exercises in Lesson 20 for Friday.

“MOTHERS! Your arms are always open when your children need a hug.  Your hearts understand when your children need a friend.  Your gentle eyes are stern when your children need a lesson.  Your strength and love guide your children and give them wings to fly.  YOU ARE LOVED!  THANK YOU!  HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY!”

Enjoy your weekend and have a GRAND week ahead!


Miss Susan