Posted by: aoifelove | December 19, 2015

THANK YOU, Parents!

Dear Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade Parents and Students,

A HEARTFELT THANK YOU for all the INCREDIBLE CHRISTMAS GIFTS that you bestowed on me and my colleagues in the Middle School, on Friday.  As always, I am full of gratitude for your amazing Christmas spirits and oversized hearts.  The thought and time that you put into these very special gifts is both heartwarming and very much appreciated.  I loved the REINDEER THEME!  THANK YOU for all the gifts that were so lovingly placed into the great Christmas Reindeer canvas bag.  THANK YOU for the lovely Christmas Bough with its “unique” and beautiful flowers; the Bath and Body Works essentials; the Reindeer plate; the Reindeer glass; the “I love my cat” drinking mug; the cute cat wallet; the scented cranberry candle; and the Starbucks card.  BRILLIANT!  THANK YOU also for the tall stool for my classroom, that was decorated with adorable Christmas elves.  You are truly creative, thoughtful, kind, and unbelievably generous.  You made my Christmas, already!  MANY, MANY THANKS!♥

Another HEARTFELT THANK YOU to my Middle School parents and students who gave me individual gifts.  THANK YOU to Cynthia, Kyle, and Kory for the lovely pearl studs; to Marcus and Hans for the superb wine; to Valentina for the beautiful eternity scarf; to Logan for the delicious toffee; to Jiannah for the great sweater; to Stella for the lovely plant; to Sophia for the scented candle; and to Lauren for the yummy candy. I am so spoiled!  MANY, MANY THANKS!♥

You have given me a very special Christmas!  You are INCREDIBLE!

May the magic of the Holiday Season shine brightly in your homes this Christmas and throughout this coming New Year.  May your lives be filled with LASTING LOVE, GOOD HEALTH, GOOD FRIENDS, GREAT SUCCESS, MUCH LAUGHTER, UNEXPECTED SURPRISES, AND MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!  We, at OMMS, have the BEST CHILDREN on the planet, and I LOVE THEM VERY MUCH.  Please keep them safe.


Miss Susan 🙂