Posted by: aoifelove | September 19, 2015

Student Council Campaign Week!

Dear Eighth Grade Parents and Students,

THANK YOU to all the parents and students who were responsible for the wonderful decorations in my classroom yesterday morning.  THANK YOU all so much for the beautiful cards and lovely birthday wishes.  THANK YOU for the many fragrant flowers, the Roca and Ferrero chocolates (YUM!), the Starbucks cards…(one of my favorite places), and for the big birthday cake which was delicious, and enjoyed by all the Middle School students and teachers!  THANK YOU, Shannon, for the amazing drawing of Mother Earth.  It is a treasure that I will frame.  I feel so lucky to have such loving, thoughtful, and generous parents and students.  An extra special THANK YOU to Michelle Acosta, Cheri Bell, Cynthia Gilbertson, Jane Morse, and Laura Visco.  You made my birthday feel very SPECIAL!♥

This past week, my Eighth Graders continued reading Animal Farm by George Orwell. This week, they worked in their grammar workbooks.  In addition to this, they reviewed Literature Analysis and Characterization, and  watched Episode II of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  This coming week, they will continue to read Animal Farm and learn about the Russian Revolution (1917).  They will also work in their daily classroom workbooks, return to Literary Terms, and start computer work.

I am happy to report that all the Eighth Graders scored extremely high on their spelling/vocabulary test this week.  Most of them did a great job on their Wordly Wise homework, too.  Some students need to give more time to Wordly Wise.

This week, my Eighth Graders finished Chapter 1 of our history book, America.  This coming week, they will watch a history documentary about the Great Explorers in order to bring the history to life.  Then, we will prepare for the first History Test.

This past week, during our religious classes, we discussed the concept of  “Penance” and “Forgiveness.”  This coming week, we will examine The Ten Commandments in detail.


  • You are all invited to our Parish School Mass on Sunday, September 20, in the Serra center, at 10:00a.m.
  • The Student Council speeches will be delivered in the Serra Center, on Monday, at 10:00a.m.  You are all very welcome to join us.
  • Campaign Week for Student Council begins on Tuesday, September 22 and ends on Friday, September 25.
  • The voting for Student Council will take place on Friday, September 25.
  • The theme for the St. Francis Day basket is “Paris.”  We are joining with Miss Lida’s room, in the hope that we can make a big basket for St. Francis’ Day.  Please donate…Thank you!

The following is the homework for this coming week:

  • Spelling/vocabulary test of Lesson 3 in Wordly Wise, next Friday.
  • Complete all the exercises in Lesson 3 of Wordly Wise, for Friday.
  • Summary of Episode II of Pride and Prejudice will be due on Friday.
  • Rewrite of Pride and Prejudice, Episode I will be due on Monday, September 28.

The essence of learning is the ability to manage change by changing yourself.  ~ A. De Gues

Enjoy your weekend and have a GRAND week ahead!


Miss Susan♥