Posted by: aoifelove | June 14, 2015

Thanks…and Thanks…and Ever Thanks!

Dear Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade Parents and Students,♥

It is always difficult to put into words how I feel regarding the enormous amount of love, thoughtful consideration, and overflowing generosity that you, our O.M.M.S. parents, shower upon me and my colleagues, at the end of each school year.  I am always incredulous and completely overwhelmed by your unbelievably kind, tremendously thoughtful, and very generous hearts.♥

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the WONDERFUL STORAGE BIN FULL OF GIFTS that you bestowed upon me and my colleagues last week.  THANK YOU for the stunning birdcage, with the very cute/expensive origami birds. These birds must have taken great patience to make.  THANK YOU for the calendar of our lovely Eighth Graders.  THANK YOU for the super cool “hands/hearts” framed photos.  THANK YOU for the Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Trader Joe’s, and Chiles’ gift cards. I am truly addicted to all those places.  THANK YOU for the lavender lotion, soap, and soap dish. Lavender is one of my favorite scents.  THANK YOU for the little book Bytes of Wisdom, and for the delicious chocolate.  You are definitely highly creative parents!  The time and attention that it must have taken to put these gifts together is amazing.  You are beyond generous, and I feel extremely fortunate and delighted to be so spoiled by you.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!♥

THANK YOU to many other families for their individual family gifts, too: THANK YOU to the Chavez family, the Fidellow/McKinsey family, the Gilbertson family, the Salvadore family, and the Shebest family.  I am SO GRATEFUL to you ALL!  MANY, MANY THANKS!♥

FAREWELL and GOOD LUCK to our PRECIOUS GRADUATES: Aileen, Anna, Ashley, Carolynn, Elise (E.J.), Gianna, Jaden, and Julian.   I know that you will have four BRILLIANT years in high school, because you have what it takes to succeed. You will always be cherished at O.M.M.S.  Please stay in touch, my sweet Muffins.♥

FAREWELL and GOOD LUCK to the Betancourt, Davies, Davis, Fidellow/McKinsey, Fitzpatrick, Shebest, and Yelder families.  You will be GREATLY MISSED at O.M.M.S.  I wish you all much love, happiness, and success in your futures.  It has been a pleasure to know you for so many years.♥

Congratulations to the Seventh Graders on becoming my new Graduate Class, and to the Sixth Graders on becoming our new Seventh Graders. I look forward to teaching you next year.  Don’t forget to read during your vacation, as reading is food for your brain.  Please stay safe and have an EXCITING SUMMER!  You are PRECIOUS beyond words!♥

Dear Parents, once again, THANK YOU for your love, endless time, energy, and heart-felt generosity. We, at O.M.M.S., are lucky to have such supportive and wonderful parents like you. You are, without a doubt, UNIQUE!  Have a BRILLIANT SUMMER! RELAX! ENJOY!♥

Thanks…and Thanks…and Ever Thanks! ~ William Shakespeare♥

Love always,

Miss Susan♥♣♥