Posted by: aoifelove | April 11, 2015

Welcome Back To School!

Dear Sixth Grade Parents and Students,

Welcome back to school, again.  I trust that you all had a wonderful Easter celebration, and that you all enjoyed your Spring Break.  We still have much to learn, explore, discuss, and finish, during the next nine weeks of school.

This coming week in Literature, my Sixth Graders will commence reading Tunes For Bears To Dance To by Robert Cormier.  It is a story about friendship, loyalty, love, responsibility, owning up to one’s mistakes, and survival.  In addition to this, my students will continue to work in their journals and with the computer.  They will also return to cursive books to help improve their cursive skills.  All the Stage Plays were corrected and returned to my Sixth Graders before the break.  I was somewhat disappointed that many of the Sixth Graders did not follow the guidelines for this project.  The rewrites will be due on Wednesday, April 22.

This week in grammar, the focus will be “verbs,” but we will also review “collective nouns.”  There will be no Wordly Wise homework due this week, as my Sixth Graders will have their first Literary Terms Test on Thursday morning, April 16.  On Monday, we will review for this test.  Please encourage your child to study the definitions and examples.  Thank you!

My Sixth Graders are ahead in their history studies.  Therefore, this week, we will prepare for the next History Test, which is scheduled for Thursday, April 23.  In addition to this, we will finish reading the last section of Chapter 8, which focuses on the spread of Buddhism.  If time permits, we will watch short documentaries about Buddhism.


The Interim Reports will be mailed from the office on Thursday, April 16.

The homework for this coming week is as follows:

  • Study for the Literary Terms Test, on Thursday, April 16.
  • Rewrites of the Stage Plays are due on Wednesday, April 22.
  • Write up and study the history notes for Chapter 7.

Follow your honest convictions, and stay strong. ~ William Thackeray

Enjoy your weekend and have a grand week ahead.


Miss Susan