Posted by: aoifelove | January 31, 2015

It’s Super-Bowl Weekend!

Dear Eighth Grade Parents and Students,

Happy Super Bowl Weekend!  I hope that you all will enjoy the Super Bowl on Sunday, and may the best team win.  I hope that all my Eighth Graders who are at Big Bear, for E.J.’s birthday, are having a SUPER time.  Have fun!  Stay safe!

This week in literature, the Eighth Graders will continue to read and analyze The Odyssey.  They all appear to be enjoying Odysseus’s many adventures on his journey home to IthacaIn addition to this, they will read “The Raven,” by Edgar Allan Poe, as they watch an animated version of it on the Smart Board.  When they have finished the Career Project, they will write their own version of “The Raven.” I have decided to cancel the Wordly Wise homework for this coming week, as my Eighth Graders have both the NAEP and ACRE TESTS this week.  I need time to cover class curriculum, so, I feel that two tests in one week during my class time is enough for them.

The Eighth Graders are enjoying our new Apple computers.  I have shown them the basics of how to use them, and I, too, am learning little tricks from my students who have Apple computers at home.  It is fun!  They continue to amaze me!

This week in history, the Eighth Graders will finally finish Chapter 4 of their history book (which equals three chapters in length).  The break in the water pipe, which caused the cancellation of school last Thursday, prevented us from finishing Chapter 4, last week, as planned.

This week in religion class, we will continue to prepare for the Acre Tests, which are scheduled for Thursday, February 5.  We will start Family Life as soon as I receive all the permission slips from my students.

Reminders: 1. It is time again to order your Yearbook 2015.  The cost is $45.  We have ordered 115 copies, so first come, first served.  Order forms are available in the school office.  If you have photographs from this school year, that you would like to be included in our Yearbook 2015, please send them in to me.  Many thanks!

2. The NAEP test is on Tuesday, February 3.  Please ensure that your child is present for it.  Many thanks!

3. The Acre Test is scheduled for Thursday, February 5.  Please ensure that your child is present.  Many thanks!

The homework for this week is as follows:

  • Write up your “Dream House,” for your Career Project, for Friday, February 6.
  • Submit your three interviews for your Career Project, for Friday, February 6.

Life-transforming ideas have always come to me through books.  

~ Bell Hooks

Have a SUPER weekend and have a GRAND week ahead.


Miss Susan