Posted by: aoifelove | December 31, 2014


Dear Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade Parents and Students,

Today is New Year’s Eve, and it is time for me to start thinking about returning to school.  Therefore,…

THANK YOU so much for the AMAZING CHRISTMAS GIFTS that you showered on me and my colleagues in the Middle School, before the Christmas break.  I always feel overwhelmed and speechless by your heartwarming spirits and incredible generous hearts.  The thought and time that you put into organizing these very special gifts for us is mind-blowing in itself.  I love all the WONDERFUL GIFTS that were packed into the beautifully-wrapped Christmas Treasure Box.  Each gift is unique! THANK YOU for the very cool Arts Clock, the lovely Teacher’s Prayer bracelet, the essential and generously-giving Christmas Tree, the “Sparkle” wall plaque, the Bath and Body necessities, the Mason mug, and the Starbucks card.  Each gift made me smile!  I feel very lucky to have such thoughtful parents and students.  I truly appreciate the energy and generosity that you poured into my BRILLIANT CHRISTMAS GIFT BOX.  MANY, MANY THANKS!♥

A HEARTFELT THANK YOU also goes out to all my Middle School parents and students who gave me individual Christmas gifts: THANK YOU to Kyle and Cynthia for the stunning pearl necklace; to Jihannah and the Salvadore family for the beautiful blue scarf and fruit infusion bottle; to Nikki and the DePinto-Avilez family for the Starbucks card; to E.J. and Jud for the Starbucks card (my coffee addiction is well served); to Carolynn and the Davies family for the delicious gingerbread scones; to Valentina and the Osorio family for the delightfully-decadent chocolate fudge; and to Sierra, Michelle, and Aaron for the great family photo and hand gel.  MANY, MANY THANKS!♥

You have given me a very special Christmas!  You are INCREDIBLE PARENTS!♥

May the magic of the Holiday Season extend and shine in your homes throughout this NEW YEAR.  May your lives be filled with LASTING LOVE, GOOD HEALTH, LOTS of LAUGHTER, GREAT FRIENDS, and UNEXPECTED SURPRISES!  I love your children…we have the BEST children on the planet at O.M.M.S.  Please keep them safe.


It is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy.

Love and hugs,

Miss Susan♥