Posted by: aoifelove | October 13, 2013

ITBS Testing Week!

Dear Seventh Grade Parents and Students,

THANK YOU to all the parents who attended our St. Francis/Horse Drop Picnic last Saturday.  It was a grand success!  A special THANK YOU to the Bugawan, Elder, Fidellow, McKinsey, Osorio, and Shebest families.  We truly appreciate your support for O.M.M.S.  It was a beautiful sunny day, and all present appeared to be enjoying themselves.  Such a wonderful variety of stunning pets!

The Parent/Teacher conferences will be held on Monday, October 28, and on Friday, November 1, in Room 218.  You should have received a flyer about them this past week.  The “Sign-Up” sheets will be at the top of the stairs, on the right hand side, on Monday.  THANK YOU to those parents who have signed-up already.  We look forward to seeing you.

This week in literature, the Seventh Graders will continue to read and analyze Tennyson’s epic poem “The Lady of Shalott,” as we wait for our next book to arrive from Barnes and Noble.  This poem ties in very nicely with our study of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and our medieval history studies.

The Seventh Graders did a great job on their “Beowulf Outlines.”  Well done, Seventh Graders!  The “Legend/Myth” rewrites are due on Thursday, October 17.  The next writing assignment is to write an “Heroic Poem” based on the characters Beowulf, Grendel, and She.  I distributed the guidelines to the Seventh Graders this past week.

This coming week in history, we will prepare for the next History Test, which encompasses Popes and Rulers, Nobles, Kings, and the Magna Carta, the Religious Crusades, and the Moors in Spain.  Please encourage your child to study the definitions and questions/answers for this test.  Many thanks!  The test is scheduled for Wednesday, October 23.

The following is the homework for this coming week:

  • Spelling/vocabulary test of Lesson 6 in Wordly Wise on Thursday.
  • Complete all the exercises in Lesson 6 of Wordly Wise.
  • Rewrites of “Legend/Myth” are due on Thursday.
  • Write up the definitions and questions/answers in the history notebook.
  • Study for the next History Test (October 23).

Praise does wonders for our sense of hearing. ~ Arnold H. Glasgow

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a grand week ahead!


Miss Susan