Posted by: aoifelove | June 16, 2013

Thanks…and Thanks…and Ever Thanks!

Dear Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade Parents and Students,

It is hard to put into words how I truly feel regarding the overflowing love, thoughtful consideration, and enormous generosity that is poured upon me and my co-workers by you, our O.M.M.S. parents, each year. I am always amazed and overwhelmed by your tremendously kind, incredibly thoughtful, and superbly generous hearts.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the WONDERFUL GIFTS that you bestowed upon us on Friday. THANK YOU for the very beautiful yellow orchid. It enhances my house to a new level of “chic.” THANK YOU for the great Starbucks’ thermos (I love the color), coffee, and gift card. I am truly addicted to Starbucks coffee, and I will use my thermos every day and think of all of you. THANK YOU for the stunning money-lei. I had never seen one before Friday. The long hours that it must have taken to put that together is unbelievable. I will use the money to buy a new camera for my trip to Ireland, and for the next O.M.M.S. yearbook. You are beyond generous, and I feel very fortunate and elated to be so spoiled by you.

THANK YOU also to the parents who gave me the fragrant Calla Lily, the amazing prayer cloth, the lovely soaps, the delicious chocolate (a minute on the lips, a life time on my hips), and the Starbucks’ gift cards. I am so grateful to you all.

A sad farewell to our Graduates: Andrea, Carlos, Chris, Jimmy, Kate, Kimmy, Lauren, Lydianne, Matilda, Michael, Nadine, Nick, Samuel, and Xavier. I know that you all will be a GRAND SUCCESS in high school. Congratulations to the Seventh Graders on becoming my new Graduate class, and to the Sixth Graders on becoming our new Seventh Graders. I look forward to having you all next year. Please stay safe and have a WONDERFUL SUMMER! You are PRECIOUS beyond words!

Dear Parents, once again, THANK YOU for all your sincere love, endless time, and heart-felt energy and generosity. Everyone at O.M.M.S. is so lucky to have such supportive and fantastic parents. You are definitely UNIQUE! Have a GRAND SUMMER! Relax! Enjoy!

Thanks…and Thanks…and Ever Thanks! ~ Shakespeare

P.S. I put the above THANK YOU in the Announcements category on June 16, but you may not have received it…Oops! Sorry!


Miss Susan