Posted by: aoifelove | April 13, 2013

Maria Montessori/Shadow Day!

Dear Eighth Grade Parents and Students,

This past week, the Eighth Graders settled back nicely into their work routines.  Thank you to all the parents who signed and returned the large envelopes, which contained the results of all the tests and corrected work of your child.  The classroom workbooks will be sent home in June.

This past week in literature, the Eighth Graders continued to read Night by Elie Wiesel.  In addition to this, they read a short biography of Edgar Allan Poe.  They commenced the reading of “The Raven,” which we will finish and analyze this week.  Some students still need to turn in their Speeches, please check with your child, as the due date is now past.  “The Odyssey” workbook has now become homework, because I need more class time, as we approach the end of the school year.  Each Eighth Grader must complete five pages per week in their workbook.  This past week, your child received a new vocabulary book, which deals with English words that are derivatives of Greek and Latin.  This work will be done in class.

There is a History Test (of definitions concerning The Constitution) on Monday, April 15.  Please encourage your child to study his/her history definitions.  Many thanks!  This week in history, we will read Chapter 8 of The American Journey.

This past week, in Family Life, the Eighth Graders read about emotions and how they affect our daily lives.  This coming week, we will read about virtues, anger, patience, chastity, and consequences.

Reminder: Maria Montessori/Shadow Day is on Friday, April 19.  I am looking forward to seeing you then, if possible.

The homework for this week is as follows:

  • Two Pages of cursive per night.
  • Study the history definitions for the test on Monday, April 15.
  • Spelling/vocabulary test from Lessons 3 and 4 in Wordly Wise, plus the SAT words.
  • Complete five pages in “The Odyssey” workbook.
  • Some students still need to turn in their “Heroic Poems.”

A room without books is like a body without a soul.  ~ Cicero

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a GRAND week ahead.


Miss Susan