Posted by: aoifelove | March 23, 2013


Dear Sixth Grade Parents and Students,

THANK YOU to all the parents who drove and chaperoned on our field trip to the Vista Court House, last Thursday.  Congratulations to all the Sixth Grade students for your EXCELLENT participation.  It was a GREAT mock trial.  I am so very proud of you!  A very special THANK YOU to Michelle Acosta who gave all the Middle School teachers a lovely poster full of photographs of our visit to the court.

Last Tuesday, I distributed our new book The Tempest by William Shakespeare.  However, due to testing on Wednesday and the field trip on Thursday, we did not have an opportunity to start it, yet.  Therefore, we will commence reading it on Monday.  We will finish the last lesson in Wordly Wise on Wednesday, March 27.  However, this will not be the end of the Wordly Wise homework.  On Wednesday, April 10, there will be a Review Test of the most difficult words in Lessons 1 and 2.  A special THANK YOU to Michelle McGowan who posted the weekly vocabulary on Quizlet each week.  You are a treasure and very much appreciated!  There is no homework for the Easter Break!  YAHOO!

Only 40% of the Sixth Graders scored high on the Literary Terms Test last Monday.  Many students did not put enough preparation into their study for the test.  I spoke with my students about responsibility and preparation for tests.  I also assured them that they will find Literary Terms Tests much easier in the Seventh Grade.  I expect to see a big improvement in the next Literary Terms Test.

This coming week in history, we will prepare for the History Test of Chapter 8, which focuses on Buddhism.  Last week, I was busy preparing the students for the Mock Trial, and thus, I forgot to distribute the “Chapter Notes” for Chapter 8.  Therefore, I will distribute them on Monday.  In addition to this, we will commence the reading of Chapter 9, which deals with India’s Empires and Achievements.


  1. The Stations of the Cross will be conducted on Thursday by the Eighth Graders, in the gardens behind the Mission’s cemetery.   You are welcome to join your child.
  2. The Passion will be reenacted by the Eighth Graders on Good Friday, in the Serra Center at noon.
  3. The deadline for the love notes, business cards, or sponsorship in our yearbook is Wednesday, March 27.

The homework for this week is as follows:

  • Spelling/vocabulary test of Lesson 20 in Wordly Wise on Wednesday.
  • Write fifteen sentences using the vocabulary from Lesson 20.
  • Complete all the exercises in Lesson 20 of Wordly Wise.
  • Complete the CROSSWORD at the end of Lesson 20.
  • Work on your “Children’s Book” project.

Compassion is the basis of morality. ~ Arnold Schopenhauer

I wish you all a GRAND week ahead and a VERY HAPPY EASTER BREAK!



Miss Susan