Posted by: aoifelove | March 23, 2013


Dear Eighth Grade Parents and Students,

Congratulations to all the Eighth Graders for your EXCELLENT participation and performance in the mock trial at the Vista Court House last Thursday.  You were SUPERB!  I am very proud of you!  A very special THANK YOU to Amy Fatseas,  Jun Juguilon, and Laura Visco for driving and chaperoning my Eighth Graders.

Last Tuesday, I distributed our new book Night by Elie Wiesel, and we commenced reading it.  It is not a happy book, but one that should awaken, enlighten, and strengthen my Eighth Graders’ ability for compassion.  The “Speeches” are due on Thursday, March 28.

This past week in history, we finished reading The Constitution, so now, my Eighth Graders have a good understanding of our government’s principles.  This coming week in history, we will commence reading The Amendments (27) to The Constitution.  We may or may not have time to read all of the amendments, as it is a short week for classroom work.

This week in Family Life, we addressed “Personality,” and each student had to name three traits of his/her personality.  It was very interesting to hear how my students perceive themselves.  This week in religion, we will put Family Life on hold, as we prepare for The Stations of the Cross, on Holy Thursday, and The Passion, on Good Friday.


  1. There is a Graduation Meeting on Tuesday, March 26, in my classroom, at 6:30p.m.
  2. You are welcome to join us in the gardens behind the Mission for The Stations of the Cross, on Holy Thursday.
  3. Please join us for The Passion, in the Serra Center, at noon.
  4. The deadline for the love notes, business cards, and sponsorship in the yearbook is Wednesday, March 27.
  5. The Interim Reports will be mailed at the end of this week.

There is no homework for the Easter Break!  YAHOO!

The homework for this week is as follows:

  • Speeches are due on Thursday, March 28.
  • Some students need to turn in portions of the rewrites for their Career Projects.

Compassion is the basis for morality. ~ Arnold Schopenhauer

I wish you all a GRAND week ahead and a VERY HAPPY EASTER BREAK!



Miss Susan