Posted by: aoifelove | March 15, 2013

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Dear Sixth Grade Parents and Students,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day for Sunday.  I hope that you all will take some time out for the wearing of the GREEN!

Our books are in at Barnes and Noble, and I will pick them up on Monday, when I receive a check from Mrs. King.  The Sixth Graders will be reading The Tempest by William Shakespeare.  It is a tale of betrayal, loyalty, magic, friendship, jealousy, forgiveness, and love.  This past week, I read aloud to my Sixth Graders The Nightingale and the Rose by Oscar Wilde, and they were saddened by the death of the sweet nightingale.  However, we had a great discussion about the themes, symbolism, and the meaning of the story.

There is a Literary Terms Test on Monday, so please encourage your child to study for it.  Many thanks!  We had fun reading the poetry of Lewis Carroll this past week.  We will continue to read his poetry from Alice in Wonderland, and we learn more about Lewis Carroll, the man.  The cursive writing homework is working out great.  I believe that we are well on the way to saving the art of cursive writing.  Yahoo!

The whole Sixth Grade class has asked for an extension on the deadline for their “Children’s Books.”  Hence, I will extend the due date to Wednesday, April 10.  So, I expect to be dazzled by their stories.

We have one more section to read in Chapter 8 of the history book, which encompasses the spread of Buddhism, literature, and art.  Then, we will prepare for the next History Test.  The history notes for the test were distributed on Wednesday last, so your child needs to write them up in his/her history notebook.  I will distribute the “Chapter Notes” on Monday.

The homework for this week is as follows:

  • Study for the Literary Terms Test (page 9) on Monday.
  • Two pages of cursive in the Cursive Books each night.
  • Spelling/vocabulary test of Lesson 19 in Wordly Wise on Wednesday.
  • Write fifteen sentences using the vocabulary from Lesson 18.
  • Complete all the exercises in Lesson 19 of Wordly Wise for Wednesday.
  • Work on writing the rough draft of the “Children’s Book.”
  • Write up the history notes for Chapter 8 for Wednesday.
  • Some students need to turn in the rewrites of their Stage Plays.

May St. Patrick guard you wherever you go, and guide you in whatever you do…and may his loving protection be a blessing to you always.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Enjoy your weekend and have a GRAND week ahead!


Miss Susan