Posted by: aoifelove | February 9, 2013


Dear Sixth Grade Parents,

Congratulations to Gianna Acosta, Alexis Friedman, and Ami Small on their great performances in The Variety Show, last Thursday evening.  I was stunned by the talent and confidence of our Sixth Graders.  Yahoo!

This week in literature, we will finish reading “Jason and the Golden Fleece,” then, we will read “Alcestis,”  and “Perseus.”  In addition to this, I will read from my book, World Mythologies.  I have ordered our next book, The Tempest by William Shakespeare, which is a great play for an introduction to “The Bard.”  This past week, the Sixth Graders worked in their grammar, analogies, and punctuation workbooks, along with journal writing.  Only one student studied for the retake of the Literary Terms Test last Thursday, therefore, the final retake for that test is Monday, February 11.  Please encourage your child to study for the retake, if necessary.  Thank you!  We will continue with our study of Literary Terms this coming week.

There is a History Test of Chapter 6 (India), on Tuesday, February 12.  Please encourage your child to study his/her history notes and definitions for this test.  They have had two weeks to study, so I’m expecting EXCELLENT grades.  I will defer the Wordly Wise homework and vocabulary test until Thursday, in order to give the Sixth Graders more time to study and complete their weekly homework.  This week in history, we will continue to read Chapter 7, which focuses on Hinduism.

The homework for this week is as follows:

  • Study for the retake of the Literary Terms Test on Monday, if necessary.
  • Study for the History Test of Chapter 6 on Tuesday.
  • Spelling/vocabulary test of Lesson 15 in Wordly Wise on Thursday.
  • Write fifteen sentences using the vocabulary words from Lesson 15.
  • Complete all the exercises in Lesson 15 of the Wordly Wise for Thursday.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,

while loving someone deeply gives you courage.  ~ Lao Tzu


I love your children!  They brighten my day, every day.


Miss Susan